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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Jarte is a free word processor that is compatible with Microsoft Word and can read and save files in Word format. It can also do rich text, PDF or HTML. The first thing that struck me about Jarte was the interface. The interface looks very slick but is very easy to use and customizable in several ways. You can switch back and forth between minimum, compact, and classic views by the click of a button.

Jarte does some stuff in an original way. The screen capture, for example, allows you to select any area on your desktop to capture and paste into Jarte. Or the fact you can just save your documents to PDF, no questions asked. One of my main big gripes about programs like Word (other than the price) is that I can't easily find features that I need to use. Jarte solves this by placing some buttons across the top that show the stuff you need just by hovering over them. Very nice.